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. >> if you're anywhere near the city you can hear it now. blue angels doing practice flights over san francisco bay. and is surveying the area. they're known for flying 18 inches apart. doing it over san francisco bay is a special challenge. >> any time there is a body of water with a city coming down to the water that makes air and texture more turbulent. >> also we want to tell you a plane is making a debut this year this is a real combat plane capable of razor-sharp turns. this will perform saturday and sunday. >> and there is a live picture of the uss makeon island in san francisco. and abc 7 news has that story. >> this floating city was too bus dwree tiz vit -- visit san francisco last year. and it was preparing for a long deployment. the crew is considered to give you a tour. >> there is a interesting to see people are great to meet. have a lot of stories to tell. >> local dig tearies climbed on board today to meet with military leaders. they're focused on how they'll work with the military if there is a disaster here and we need help. >> experts in logistics and we need that s
. >> for more movie news head over to >> coming up blue angels on their way to the bay area. and new added attraction sur to delight this weekend. >> and revealing video that alerted parents of a violent incident. >> prepare prep raigss >>> blue angels will arrive in town in just a couple hours meaning it will be in the air, over the bay for practice runs on thursday. abc 7 news joins us now from the airport with more on all of this for us. mark? >> and this is ruchlor has it there is a practice of being precise. we expect them at 6:15. fleet week air show going to be the big draw on the bay this weekend. and this year... coast guard gearing up for a record turnout. america's cup will be running this weekend with racing along the city front and above their race force is where they will be performing. coast guard is blocking off that area. >> there is 635 law enforcement and the coast guard demonstrated how they'll intercept folk that's may cross into the area but not anticipating problem autos we don't usually have a problem. people are understanding and know what they're supposed to
for anything but a steal. >> and a-litters recount to fans, in los angeles coming up, the important questions coming from leonardo dicaprio and his friends. >> and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza now, very smooth sailing for drivers making their way across the bridge towards san francisco and beyond. stay with us. abc 7 news >>> a couple celebrities are getting political with fan autos and today as big announcement, the oscar host. here is rachel smith with details. >> the 85th academy awards now has a face. show producers announced seth mcfarl ynd will be the next host. recently giving voice to the inappropriate teddy bear in the blockbuster ted and says this big is -- gig is an overwhelming privilege and wrote my thoughts were one, i will do my utmost to live up to high standards and two, i hope they didn't find out i hosted the charlie sheen roast. now to adele, the new voice behind 007. she co-wrote and performed the theme song and there is what is important to you in the ledge? >> -- election? >> for leonardo dicaprio, celebrities are all over this public service announcement
's going to be a pleasant day. 67 in los angeles there is a lovely asaturday starting with mainly sunny skies into afternoon hours, there is a nice mild temperature range. there is a lot going on here partly cloudy skies, mainly sunny skies gearing up for the display of the blue angels into afternoon starting at 1:00 gearing up for races at 4:00 p.m. sunny skies, mild conditions, temperatures into evening hours we'll see partly cloudy skies and there is playoff baseball at ask t park there are giants take on reds. and there is partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping from low 60s to upper 50s so this looks like great conditions for baseball and there is a great weekend. going to be wild and there is earlier you mentioned, take public transportation. >> partly cloudy means partly clear. >> and thank you. >> if you're a baseball fan we want to see your post season pride, e mail giants and a fan photos to you report at we'll be showing them on the air and look how cute she is. >> and just ahead of cracking down on cell phone theft. why san francisco is doing to help keep you s
and america's cup activities there is 1:00 blue angels will be doing practice. and people starts gathering for america's cup races which began after 5:00 p.m. there is partly cloudy skies and there is chilly and temperatures dropping into there is decent weather coming up. >> just ahead, a news anchor takes the stand. >> the and what happened that made this anchor become a story. >> the first to battle the sexes at the dry cleaners. coming up i'll answer your questions including one about how much a dry cleaner can charge you. >> and there is police with answers for the family of a recent officer-involved shooting and the way president ob yaum would have irks tv news anchor is being applauded to her response for criticism about her weight. she's a morning anchor in wisconsin. and she spends her career reporting news and now, she's making it for her response to an e mail from a man who criticized her weight. livingston, who has a thyroid condition making it tough to lose weight responded on the air. >> surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for young people, girls in particul
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5